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David Trubridge

Investing in a DT light is like investing in a quality piece of art - it will hold its value and his unique designs stemmed from NZ nature are widely recognised around the world. So many to choose from.....what works best in your space........natural, caramel or colour? What size? We can help you select the right piece for your space. Oh....and our pricing is very competitive.

David Trubridge: Products
David Trubridge: Pro Gallery

Colour Options

Colour options are available for most fittings and are specified for each product. Colours options are as follows:

Natural or Caramel

Painted Colours -  1 Side (Natural) - Aqua, Blue, Pink, Lime, Red, Orange, White, Black

Painted Colours - 2 Sides - Black both sides, White both sides

All lights are supplied with either white or black electrics. Colour examples below shown on 'Coral'.

David Trubridge: Store Policies
David Trubridge: Pro Gallery
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